FBN’s Varney And Democrat Rep Spar Over Admitting Syrian Refugees [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Tempers flared on Fox Business Network on Friday when Stuart Varney and Democratic Massachusetts Rep. [crscore]Seth Moulton[/crscore] argued over whether or not to allow Syrian refugees into America.

The two Americans differed in opinion, with Varney calling for a temporary “pause” in admitting Syrian refugees, while Moulton defended President Obama’s plan to keep admitting Syrian refugees.

Moulton insisted that the vetting process “that is already in place is as strict as for any traveler in the United states and it works well… So the idea is that ISIS is going to get someone in Syria today and send them here tomorrow is completely wrong. But even more, secondly, passing this bill is playing right into ISIS’ hands. You are making it easier for ISIS to recruit people here at home and that’s how they work.”

Varney exclaimed, “What? If we suggest that we don’t want Syrian refugees coming here at this time, we encourage recruitment for ISIS over there?”

Moulton insisted, “That’s exactly right. No, no, not over there. That’s not so much the problem. We’re worried about an attack over here.”

Varney asked Moulton if Americans were going to “take the risk on your behalf?” Moulton replied, “No, no, we’re not taking it on our behalf. We’re trying to make America safer.”

Varney shot back, “The source of so many attacks congressman, has been a domestic Muslim population, some of whom become terrorists, it’s happened in America, it has happened in Europe and people are dying and you want to expand the domestic Muslim population and you say that that keeps us safer, does it?”

Moulton suggested, “No, you’ve got to wrong. Because what’s happening is they’re they’re radicalizing this domestic population, you hit it on the head. It’s a domestic population.”

Varney exploded, “And you think by letting more in they will deradicalize? That’s illogical!”

Moulton retorted, “No, no, no, no, no, what radicalizes them, is saying that they are all different. That the American values that we all hold up, that are written on the base of the Statue of Liberty does not apply to Syrians or to Muslims,” suggesting that a bill that instills a pause on Syrian refugee immigration would be a “propaganda tool to radicalize people here at home.”

Moulton later insisted that he is “sure” that the Syrian refugees will be properly vetted. Varney then asked, “Wait a second, wait a second. If one of those people comes into America that you want to bring in here and one of them kills an American, will you take responsibility for that?”

Varney asked Moulton multiple times if he would take responsibility for the deaths of Americans, and Moulton refused to answer the question. Multiple times Varney asked Moulton to “answer the question.” Instead, Moulton suggested that the passage of the bill that would install a “pause” in the intake of Syrian refugees would instead “radicalize Muslims” in America.

The host, however, remained skeptical that a “pause” in the intake of Syrian refugees would radicalize Muslims in America.


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