Fmr Congressman Endorses Trump: ‘He’s Right On Target’ About Immigration

Scott Greer Contributor
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Former Republican Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode endorsed Donald Trump for president earlier this month and The Daily Caller caught up with the ex-representative to find out why he feels the flamboyant billionaire is the best choice for the White House.

“The primary reason is his good positions opposing illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration,” Goode told TheDC. “Mr. Trump understands how important that is to stopping the constant flow of illegals across the border. He also wants to mandate e-verify which would help keeping illegals from getting U.S. jobs.”

While in Congress, Goode was a strong proponent of border security and signed onto legislation that would’ve constructed a barrier along the U.S.-Mexico boundary line.

He also supports Trump for the mogul’s stances on trade policy.

“He’s opposed to Obama trade, and wants to renegotiate our trade agreements. And as an opponent of NAFTA, and the fast track, I think he’s right on target on that,” the Virginian said.

Goode, who ran for president himself in 2012 as the Constitution Party’s nominee for the high office, believes that one of the biggest positives about Trump is how he is supposedly free of intrusive donor influence.

“The super PACs have tremendous influence on a Republican primary field. For example Marco Rubio. He’s got significant super PAC donations, which means a few billionaires are contributing a lot,” the ex-congressman explained. “And I think if he were to win the nomination, and win the presidency, Rubio would be under tremendous influence by those big donors. And that interest, so many of them really want open borders and bring in more people from more countries just to keep wages low. And I think it’s awful for the American worker.”

Overall, Goode thinks that a President Trump would place the interests of American citizens first over any other concern.

“I want somebody who will focus on the long term citizen of this country rather than seeing how much you can do for people who come here illegally or just are a refugee or asylee or diversity visa winner or someone else who has gotten in under our awful legal immigration system,” he declared.

“His overall message of making America great again is certainly needed. We need a strong leader who will instill enthusiasm and exuberance on behalf of the American people. I think Trump does that.”

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