Trump: Obama Is ‘Really Out Of It’ When Calling Climate Change The ‘Greatest Problem Confronting Our Country’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump mocked Barack Obama for suggesting when he talks about climate change “being the single greatest problem confronting our country and the world, this man is really out of it.”

Appearing on the Hugh Hewitt Show Tuesday, Trump said, “I don’t believe” that sea levels are rising and “I don’t believe that it is man-made.”

Trump said there are changes up, changes down, you’re gonna have warmer, you gonna have cooler. It’s called weather. It’s called other things but no I don’t, I don’t believe that. I think that you know they may be going up a little bit, at some point be going down a little bit, and the end result is when he talks about climate change is being the single greatest problem confronting our country and the world, this man is really out of it.”

Hewitt later asked, “Do you think his claim about rising sea levels will be fact-checked to anything like the degree your claim about New Jersey was fact checked?”

Trump replied, “No, they won’t fact check him… I watched two people last night on ‘Hannity,’ I mean on your friend’s show, on Sean Hannity’s show and you had one that was pro-climate change or whatever you want to call it. You know, they come up with so many different names Hugh, they start with global warming, that wasn’t working so well. Then they got climate change. Now they have extreme weather which I see quite a bit.”

“You know they want to make it because a lot of these terms as they come I don’t work so well. So they had one is saying a lot of things are happening and I have another one saying no. And the one who said no the one that believes as you do and as I do, absolutely beat the hell out of the other guy and it was really actually very interesting to watch. But if you are watching as an impartial observer you would not be a big fan of climate change after you watched,” explained Trump.

Hewitt added, “I just don’t think the president will be fact-checked on sea levels rising cause I don’t see any evidence of sea levels rising and I think you could prove that if it were true but we’ll see.”


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