Records Show Syed Farook Inspected More Than 40 San Bernardino Schools

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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San Bernardino jihadi Syed Rizwan Farook inspected more than 40 elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in his job as a county health inspector, records show.

An analysis of those records conducted by The Daily Caller shows that Farook inspected 10 junior high schools and high schools and 32 elementary schools in San Bernardino County between 2012 and the present. He visited the 42 facilities at least 69 times total, according to the records.

Farook’s work inside of San Bernardino schools took on special significance on Tuesday when the San Bernardino Sun reported that the terrorist had pictures of a Rialto high school on his cell phone. As a health inspector working in schools’ kitchens and cafeterias, Farook would have become familiar with the facilities’ various entrances and escape routes. He also would have had easy access to hundreds of so-called “soft targets” had he wanted to cause mass carnage.

It is unclear if Farook took the pictures in Rialto as part of his job — which, besides schools, took him to restaurants and hotels — or if he was plotting to attack the school. (RELATED: Report: Syed Farook Plotted Another Terrorist Attack In 2012)

Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, killed 14 people, many of whom were Farook’s coworkers, during an attack at a holiday part last Wednesday. The 28-year-old began working at San Bernardino County’s health department five years ago.

Investigators believe that Farook and his wife likely planned to carry out more attacks. Thousands of rounds of ammunition were found in their home, as well as 19 pipe bombs.

Besides visiting some schools multiple times a year, Farook also inspected multiple schools on the same days, county records show.

The list of junior highs and high schools Farook inspected include, Kolb Junior High School, Wilmer Amina Carter High School, Eisenhower High School, Frisbie Junior High School, Arroyo Valley High School, Rim of the World High School, Cajon High School, Fontana High School, Summit High School and AB Miller High School.

Health inspection report filed by Syed Rizwan Farook (San Bernardino County)

Health inspection report filed by Syed Rizwan Farook, Nov. 5, 2013. (San Bernardino County)

It is possible that Farook visited more facilities than those listed on San Bernardino County’s website. Records only stretch back to 2012, though Farook began working for the county five years ago.

He also visited at least 32 elementary schools a total of 53 times. The list includes Ingraham Elementary School, Henry Elementary School, Graciano Gomez Elementary School, Preston Elementary School, Fitzgerald Elementary School, Trapp Elementary School, Morgan Elementary School, Helen Dollahan Elementary School, Dunn Elementary School, Hughbanks Elementary, Casey Elementary School, Myers Elementary School, Grandview Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, Sierra Lakes Elementary School, Kathy Binks, West Heritage Elementary School, East Heritage Elementary School, George Brown Elementary School, Charles Hoffman Elementary School, North Verdemont Elementary School, Lake Arrowhead Elementary School and Manuel Salinas Elementary School.

Farook would have been radicalized by the time he conducted those inspections. Investigators have said they believe that he planned an attack with another person in 2012 but backed out at the last minute following terror-related arrests in a separate case. Malik came to the U.S. with Farook last year. They were married shortly after.

An email request for comment sent to San Bernardino County’s department of health was not immediately returned.

This post has been updated with additional information. 

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