Krauthammer Rips Obama’s ISIS Strategy: He Is Either ‘Disengaged Or Delusional’

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Charles Krauthammer blasted Barack Obama’s ISIS strategy Thursday, insisting the president is either “disengaged or delusional.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Special Report” with Bret Baier, Krauthammer argued that Obama supposedly in charge of a ship and, “This is a ship about to hit an iceberg without anybody at the tiller.”

Krauthammer suggested that Obama administration’s handling of ISIS has far reaching affects however, “The import of this is not who is going to win next November or how it’s going to affect the Clinton Campaign. The import of this is we are at war with people, with an organization, with a general jihadist movement that is spreading into Libya, into Yemen, into all kinds of places, and into San Bernardino.”

“And we have a president as we saw on Sunday night who is disengaged or delusional. It’s one or the other,” insisted Krauthammer.(RELATED: Obama Spends 27 Percent Of Speech Scolding Americans On Guns, Racism; 8 Percent On ISIS Threat)

Obama “and his White House Team, this insular group have their ideas about what to do, which is essentially nothing, to pass it on to the next president. And he’s got his own Defense Department of the his own advisers in the State Department and elsewhere who have consistently asked him to do more.” (RELATED: Watch Obama’s Spokesman Squirm When Asked About If ISIS Is ‘Contained’ [VIDEO])

Obama “has in Syria and Iraq, everywhere, and he has consistently refused to listen to their advice. That’s why the country is in a semi-panic. That’s why Trump with the tough talk is rising. This is a ship about to hit an iceberg without anybody at the tiller.”


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