Guess Who Trump Now Thinks Is ‘Disgusting.’ Hint: He Works In The White House [VIDEO]

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called White House spokesman Josh Earnest making fun of his hair “disgusting.”

Appearing on Fox New’s “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, Trump asked, “Isn’t that disgusting for a presidential representative to make that comment?”

Host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump, “You had Josh Earnest not only say that you shouldn’t be saying what you’re saying, he even mocked your hair. What’s your reaction, number one, to Josh Earnest?”

Trump responded, “Well, it just shows you, I mean, I assume he was kidding, but as you know, the three of you know, it’s my hair, OK.” (RELATED: White House: Trump Not Serious Because His Hair Is Fake)

Trump said his initial thought was, “Isn’t that disgusting for a presidential representative to make that comment? I assume he was joking, but for a presidential person, representing us in such tough times — we have terrorism and all of the problems — for him to make that comment, I thought it was so ridiculous. And you know, I get kidded about that all the time and it’s fine, it doesn’t matter.
But when you see in these times, for a guy like that to make a false — to lie. He lied just, like Obama lied about Obamacare, just like they lie about so much. This administration’s one big lie.

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