NBA Player Says His Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Character Is E.T. [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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New Jersey Nets forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson should probably stick to playing basketball, because he clearly isn’t meant to be a movie critic.

He was asked which “Star Wars” character was his favorite during the Nets game against the Magic Monday night, and he responded by saying that the alien E.T. was his favorite character, who of course is not even a “Star Wars” character.


E.T. is the main character of a film of the same name. Part of the confusion for Hollis-Jefferson is that Steven Spielberg produced both films.

The good news for Hollis-Jefferson is that he’s not alone when it comes to people in the world of sports who clearly aren’t up to date on their “Star Wars” knowledge. The manager of the Baltimore Orioles Buck Showalter thought Yoda was a robot. (VIDEO: Orioles Manager Well Versed In Baseball, Not So Much In ‘Star Wars’)

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