Final Defiance: Disruptive High School Student Blows Smoke In Teacher’s Face [VIDEO]

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An Arkansas high school student who was disrupting a exam, in an act of final defiance, lit a cigar and then exhaled the smoke directly into the teacher’s face.

On Monday, according to THV11, the Little Rock CBS affiliate, police became involved when a North Little Rock High School teacher attempted to remove a student from the classroom who allegedly threatened the instructor.

According to North Little Rock police, the teacher told the student — who on multiple previous occasions had to be removed from that same classroom — he would have to take his final exam in the hallway. The student refused to comply.

The teacher said to the student that he was going to write him up and have a campus supervisor remove him from the class if he refused to cooperate.

When the teacher reached for the intercom button to call the campus supervisor, the noncompliant student allegedly said, “Hit that button, I dare you.”

As the teacher began writing the student up, the classroom started to get loud. The teacher then found the disruptive student lighting a cigar and smoking from it in the classroom. The student then walked up to the teacher, and exhaled smoke in his face three times.

The campus supervisor arrived and removed the student from the classroom and upon leaving, the student said, “I’ll be back.”

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