Journalists, Activists And Bernie Sanders See Conspiracy In Sandra Bland’s Death

Derek Hunter Contributor
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After a grand jury refused to hand down indictments against police officers for the jailhouse death of Sandra Bland, finding she hanged herself in her cell, “social justice” activists and journalists refused to accept the finding.

Bland, a black woman who was arrested after clashing with police during a routine traffic stop, committed suicide alone in her cell on July 13. Black Lives Matter activists immediately labeled Bland’s death a murder by police.

But the evidence presented to the grand jury did not move them to indict, an no felony charges will be brought.

The lack of an indictment led to Sandra Bland being the top trending topic on Twitter in the United States.

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The news was not received well by activists, who took to the Internet to advance more conspiracy theories about Bland’s death and a cover-up by police.

Even Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, himself a target of Black Lives Matter protesters, issued a statement fanning the flames of conspiracy. Sanders said Bland “would be alive today if she were a white woman.”

Wealthy Baltimore pastor Jamal Bryant claimed the grand jury allowed police to “get away with murder.”

New York Times columnist Charles Blow sees a conspiracy, though he’s not quite sure what it is.