Trump: PolitiFact Is ‘A Totally Left-Wing Group, They Are Bad News’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump says PolitiFact is a left-wing lie machine.

“You could tell something 100 percent and they will make it out to a lie if you’re a certain person,” Trump said Tuesday.

On Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Trump, “I want to ask in fairness, because on the heels of Hillary Clinton and everyone agrees and it’s why she has problems with the polls in trust, that she has an issue with the truth. She’s down right allergic to the truth, but PolitiFact said you have the biggest lies and the most lies of the year. What’s your response to them today for that?”

“Well PolitiFact is an example — I’ve been proven right,” Trump argued. “I said they were dancing on the rooftops, dancing in the streets, I’m right about that,” Trump claimed. “There are many articles that say in New Jersey, there are many articles that say that’s true. And PolitiFact — which is by the way a totally left-wing group — they are bad news, I mean as far as checking.”

“You could tell something 100 percent and they will make it out to a lie if you’re a certain person,” Trump said. “So PolitiFact didn’t like the idea that I said dancing on rooftops, dancing on streets, but that’s been confirmed by hundreds of people.”

Co-host Steve Doocy chimed in and said, “You know what, Donald Trump, yesterday out in New Jersey, where I live, N.J. Advance Media examined, they talked to cops, they talked to people, there were celebrations. There were definitely celebrations recorded by the police, they know that, but they say thousands and thousands, that was not the case.”

“Well, you know there were a lot of people, and I’ve had it from a lot of people. We’ve had hundreds of phone calls. We’ve had tweets at @RealDonaldTrump, we’ve had proof, but we’ve also had articles in The Washington Post, at the time it took place, we’ve had articles elsewhere.”

Hasselbeck interjected, “Does that make you adjust and think, okay places like PolitiFact or other outlets are going to be fact checking you down to the number. Will you not say thousands and hundreds in lump sum?”

“No, I don’t want to adjust. Because I know what the number is. I know that a lot of people saw it. I’ll bet if you added it all up it would be a hell of a big number. And all over the world they were dancing and they were celebrating,” Trump argued. “Which, look, the only purpose in saying that was that there’s something wrong. When you have people that are celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center, and throughout the world, they were celebrating, and nobody even disputes that, but they were also celebrating in New Jersey.”

“But throughout the world, I mean, amazingly, they were celebrating, which tells you there’s something definitely going on here that’s wrong,” Trump insisted. “There’s some bad stuff happening and that’s the point of the whole thing. And that’s how it started.”


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