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#NotAllMuslims Start 2016 Off Right

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Did you think you’d have to wait a week into this new year for some more slight misbehavior by people who are, coincidentally enough, Muslims? Think again!

Russ Read reports:

A group of up to 1,000 men of “Arab background” sexually assaulted dozens of women New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, according to police. The assaults, however, were not confirmed for days, leading to public accusations of a cover-up.

Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers confirmed Monday as many as 60 reports were filed by women sexually assaulted by a large mob of “Arab or North African men” during celebrations in Cologne New Year’s Eve…

As many as 80 women were assaulted and robbed by the mob, according to police reports. Some women reported being encircled by large groups of men who had “fingers on every orifice.” One report claimed a woman was raped.

That’s how pervasive and insidious our civilization’s rape culture is: It transforms otherwise peaceful Muslims into evil gang-rapists. The feminists are right!

It seems to me that the only solution is to open up all the borders even wider. Hell, eliminate borders altogether. Just because people immigrate to other countries for their own self-interest, does that really mean we should have countries at all? What’s up with expecting people from other cultures to obey your laws, racists?

The French are no better, of course. Their society has had a similarly deleterious effect on the noble followers of Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart London:

A French Muslim of Tunisian origin who drove at four soldiers outside a mosque on Friday has admitted that he wanted to kill and be killed “to appear like a martyr,” according to a prosecutor. The 29 year old was heard shouting “Allah is great!” as he carried out the attack…

Yet officials are ruling out terrorism, insisting that the motivation for the attack remains unclear…

Witnesses said the perpetrator, since identified as Raouf el Ayab, accelerated his Peugeot station wagon into four soldiers who were standing guard outside the local mosque between Friday prayer sessions…

Ayab told emergency services attending the scene that “he wanted to be killed by soldiers and to kill soldiers… a way for him to appear like a martyr,” but he “stepped back” from that statement during a meeting with the examining magistrate on Sunday, saying he only wanted to “run over” the soldiers.

Is that all? Running over a few soldiers? It’s like these people have ever heard of a prank. When Johnny Knoxville does it, we make him a star. When a Muslim does it, though… #smdh

And if you think Muslims have got it bad in Europe, just take a look at the indignities they have to bear right here in America. Brian Rogers, Houston Chronicle:

A man accused of setting fire to a Houston mosque on Christmas Day will have an 8 p.m. curfew if he makes $150,000 bail, a judge ruled Monday…

Moore is charged with felony arson, accused of bringing lighter fluid to a storefront mosque in southwest Houston where he worshiped, then setting it on fire when he was alone inside.

Prosecutors said surveillance video shows Moore was the last to leave the mosque on South Wilcrest and emerged from the building three minutes before flames appear.

Way to be racist, Texas. Does anybody really believe that if a white Christian set his own church on fire, the cops would do anything about it? No, they’d turn a blind eye, just like they do every other time a white Christian commits a crime. This is pure Islamophobia.

Make no mistake: Islam is not a motive in these crimes, or any other crimes. Islam is an identity of victimhood, not a motive. Never, ever, ever a motive. How could it be a motive?

As always, I personally apologize to each and every Muslim on the planet. I’m sorry for making your co-religionists do these things by noticing when they do these things. I just can’t seem to help it.