The Migrant Rape Culture The Political Elite Wishes Were Fake

Scott Greer Contributor
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It was almost too insane of a story to believe, but the stunning report out of Cologne, Germany on Arab rape gangs was sadly all too true.

German officials finally admitted Monday that around 1,000 men of “North African or Arab” appearance were involved in sexual assaults and robbings against at least 90 women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. The attacks, which police believe were coordinated between the hundreds of men involved, had a similar pattern: A lone woman would be surrounded by a dozen or so men and be aggressively fondled and have her belongings and clothes ripped away as the assaulters rejoiced. At least one woman was full-on raped during her attack.

The same mob also set off firecrackers dangerously close to Cologne’s world-famous cathedral and created a scene of pure anarchy on the night celebrating the arrival of 2016.

A bouncer who witnessed the sordid affair said it looked like a “civil war” was going on and reported that women were pleading with him and other guards to protect them from the roving hordes. That same bouncer said he saw numerous men brutally beaten for the offense of trying to shield their female friends from assault by the Arab crowds. (RELATED: Eyewitness Describes ‘Civil War Like’ Sex Assault Situation In Germany)

Cologne’s police chief described the attacks as “a completely new dimension of crime,” and the West German city was not the only place in Germany to witness these atrocious crimes on the same night. Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf all reported similar incidents occurring in their cities around New Year’s Eve.

With outrage growing in the nation and allegations amounting of an attempted cover-up, it’s imperative German officials come up with a stellar response to calm the public’s anxiety. Especially since Germany has been the epicenter of the refugee crisis and it appears some of the men involved were recent arrivals from the migrant exodus.

However, German political leaders resorted to victim blaming and pleas for cultural understanding in the aftermath — hardly the resolute response looked for by the public.

The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, issued a condescending “code of conduct” for women to follow if they want to avoid being attacked. The code is laughably basic and would probably do nothing to prevent further assaults, but it does tell victims they need to do more to stop attracting unwanted attention.

Reker also said her staff would do more to educate the city’s foreign-born population on what’s appropriate behavior for Cologne’s upcoming Carnival festival.

“We will also have to explain our Carnival better to people from other cultures, so that there’s no confusion about the cheerful behavior in Cologne that has nothing to do with candor, especially candid sexuality,” the mayor told reporters, without any sense of shame.

Considering how much feminists complain about victim blaming and authorities dragging their feet when it comes to sexual assault, it’s ridiculous how these officials would do these same things when it comes to migrant violence. (RELATED: Here’s One Rape Culture The Media Wishes Were Fake)

German authorities are trying to obscure the fact that any refugees recently welcomed into the country were involved — even though police have apprehended eight asylum seekers in connection with the case and one suspect proclaimed, “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me”

It makes some sense for this posture to be taken on the part of Cologne officials. Mayor Reker has been an outspoken advocate for refugee resettlement and is sticking to her position.

“It’s completely improper… to link a group that appeared to come from North Africa with the refugees,” she demanded after the rape gang revelations were revealed.

Having the whole “Refugees Welcome” effort result in sexual assault and urban chaos on a mass scale does not look good for the politicians who backed the initiative. But they should’ve known the migrant wave — which was predominately comprised of young Muslim men — would result in Germany having a very real and very dangerous rape culture on their hands.

It’s already taken hold in the refugee centers where women and children have become easy targets for many migrant males. (RELATED: ‘Culture Of Rape’ Taking Hold In Refugee Camps)

But even before the flood of migrants arrived last summer, German leaders could have found evidence for this dangerous phenomenon by turning north to Scandinavia.

In the Norwegian capital of Oslo, a disturbing news report from 2010 found that all of the aggravated rapes in the city had been committed by “non-western immigrants.” The majority of non-western immigrants in Norway hail from Muslim states like Somalia, Pakistan and Iraq.

The situation is even worse in neighboring Sweden, which has now become the rape capital of the West due to mass immigration. Sweden currently takes second place in the category of highest number of rapes relative to its population, only behind the small African state of Lesotho. The Swedish government blames the problem on part to, ridiculously, men reacting violently to increased equality. But a 1996 report from that same government provides a better explanation for why sexual assaults have risen in the Nordic country.

The study found that North African Muslims were 23 times more likely to rape than ethnic Swedes. Considering that the country has opened its doors to more North Africans and Arabs since then, it’s reasonable to conclude that there’s some kind of relation between the immigration and the sexual assault figures.

And it’s not just adult women that may find themselves prey to these predators.

In 2014, the world was shocked at the uncovering of a large-scale child sex ring in the British town of Rotherham. The men behind the ring that victimized at least 1,400 young girls were all of Pakistani origin. But the Rotherham scandal wasn’t a lone outlier in showing men of Muslim heritage exploiting children in the U.K., as a disturbing number of other similar operations can testify.

Germany already had a high-profile experience with a child falling victim to a migrant rapist in the summer, and there could be many more if Cologne’s chaos is any indicator of future events.

It’s hard to explain the “why” behind the troubling correlation between increased Muslim immigration and sexual assault. But one explanation can be found in Islamic culture itself and the heinous way it treats victims of rape.

Many women who find themselves the victims of sexual assault can later become victims of brutal punishments handed down by Sharia courts. In 2008, a Somali girl was stoned to death after being gang raped. Her crime was for engaging in fornication, according to the Islamist court which sentenced her. Courts in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh regularly hand down multiple lashings to rape victims and do little to rapists.

Even if the law does nothing, victims can still find themselves murdered in honor killings. For instance, a Syrian woman who suffered a gang rape in her native land was later stabbed to death in October in an act to purify her shame. The murder took place, shockingly enough, in Germany.

It looks like Europe may engage in victim blaming today and victim slaying tomorrow if it doesn’t get a handle on this problem soon enough.

The common argument in Europe, particularly Germany, for taking the refugee flood was over the notion the new arrivals would enrich the continent and wipe out the unwanted aspects of European culture. German chancellor and Time’s “Person of the Year” Angela Merkel hoped her nation’s refugee embrace would help clean the stain of its Nazi past. (RELATED: Merkel Threw Her Country Under The Bus And All She Got Was This Crummy Time Magazine Cover)

But instead of culturally enriching Europe, the immigrants are bringing with them a culture that is thoroughly at odds with the values and norms of the West — and political elites have no idea what to do about.

In fact, judging by recent actions on the part of Germany’s leaders, they still see nationalists as the real threat. Merkel continues to demand Facebook to take down posts she deems racist and her vice chancellor called upon the intelligence services to spy on the anti-immigrant protest movement Pegida.

Naturally, she has called for no such drastic measures in the wake of Cologne’s rape gangs.

The lesson to be taken from the New Year’s Eve horror is clear: Europe must shut its borders to further large-scale migration to individuals who want to bring their incompatible cultural practices into the West. The security of citizens should be more of a priority than the feelings of entitled non-citizens and out-of-touch elites.

When you have to issue a patronizing statement saying Germany doesn’t look highly upon sexual assault, you know the clash of civilizations is happening right at your doorstep.

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