Clothing Company’s Sales Spike After El Chapo Wears Its Shirt

Alexa Santry Contributor
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Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman sported the shirt made by the California clothing company Barabas during his fateful meeting with actor Sean Penn, and now the company says sales are surging.

The Los Angeles-based store posted the photo on its Facebook page beside a photo of a model in the same shirt, labeling it as the “Most Wanted Shirt.” The shop proceeded to advertise the product on its Facebook page as “Barabas ‘El Chapo’ Shirts,” encouraging shoppers to “like” Barabas on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win one of these coveted products.

Guzman has been photographed in another Barabas shirt known as the “Crazy Paisley” model. The shirt sells for $128, and the BBC reports a shopper traveled 20 hours to buy the product.

While Barabas states it does not know how Guzman came into possession of its shirts, the company is profiting immensely; Tuesday the website attracted so much traffic the page crashed.

The “El Chapo” fandom does not stop with the “Crazy Paisley” shirt. Following Guzman’s prison break in July 2015, “El Chapo” Halloween costumes in Mexico became a chart-topper, The Mirror reports.