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SOTU: POTUS Holsters Gun Talk

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I really liked President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address ever, because I didn’t watch it. I figured it would just be a few hours of “If you like your firearms, you can keep your firearms.” But it sounds like King Barry decided to lecture his ungrateful subjects on pretty much everything but guns.

Tim Devaney, The Hill:

President Obama treaded lightly on the issue of gun control during his final State of the Union address, just one week after his teary-eyed announcement that he would circumvent Congress with a series of controversial executive orders.

The president raised the issue of gun violence only once during his hour-long speech, among a list of other policy goals.

He mentioned “Protecting our kids from gun violence” once, both as a reminder that your children belong to the government and a stern rebuke to evil Republicans who want kids to die.

But that was it. A week ago he openly wept because Americans keep resisting his efforts to circumvent the Second Amendment. Last night: Ehhhh. He blew his last big chance to convince anybody he’s right about guns. He gave up. He backed down.

Apparently, that CNN townhall was an even bigger disaster for him than I thought.

And here’s another piece of good news for the good guys: We’ll never have to see Obama at the SOTU again! Well, at least not until his wife becomes president.

(Hat tip: Ed Morrissey)