Pro-Cruz Steve King Praises Trump For ‘New York Values’ Answer [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Iowa Rep. [crscore]Steve King[/crscore], who has endorsed Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] for president, said that Donald Trump’s response to Cruz’s “New York values” dig was “really good for Trump.”

King made the comments on CNN’s “New Day” on Friday. (VIDEO: Trump Stuns Cruz Into Silence During ‘New York Values’ Fight)

Host Chris Cuomo asked King, “Now the other big blow last night was about ‘New York values.’ We both know that saying ‘New York values’ is often pejorative code in politics that conservatives like to use … but Donald Trump last night seemed to win over the audience and a lot of people watching by defending New York. … Do you think the Sen. Ted Cruz, went too far?”

“Well, I didn’t think he went too far until I saw Donald Trump’s reaction, and then I thought it would have been better on the part of Ted Cruz not to have had that exchange. I thought it was one of the times where you saw Donald Trump actually show you more of his heart than we’ve seen on the campaign trail,” King said.

“He meant what he said,” King continued. “You could tell he was reliving some of the pain of Sept. 11, 2001. But he really flipped that. Ted Cruz didn’t go there, but Donald Trump elected to go into the Sept. 11 and the damage and suffering and thousands of people that were killed, and he turned that into an emotional component of the debate. And that, I believe, that was good for Trump.”

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