Cruz: ‘If You Want Yet Another Republican To Cozy Up To Chuck Schumer,’ Support Trump’ [AUDIO]

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Appearing on radio host Jeff Kuhner’s Kuhner Report Monday, Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] said Donald Trump has been part of the corruption in Washington and would be “yet another Republican to cozy up to Chuck Schumer” as president.

“If you’re looking for someone to take on the corruption of Washington,” Cruz told Kuhner, “you should look to someone who has a record of standing up to the corruption of Washington, not someone who has been part of it, and whose explanation is, ‘Well, fine I was buying politicians, but everybody does it.’ That is not how you break the ‘Washington cartel.'”

“You know what I could’ve said in Washington, ‘Well, I’ll go along to get along with Republican leadership because everybody does it.’ That’s how we got this problem,” Cruz continued. “Look, Donald Trump’s critique of me this morning is that I’m not going to be willing to make deals with the Democrats, and go along to get along and that’s what we need. If you agree with that, if you want yet another Republican to cozy up to Chuck Schumer — by the way he’s written checks to Chuck Schumer; I never have — then you oughta be backing him.”

Cruz continued to criticize Trump’s defense of his donations to Democrats that it was only for “getting building permits,” saying that his support was substantive.

He also agreed substantively with the Democratic politicians on issue after issue after issue. As he said on the Tim Russert interview, he supported partial-birth abortion. So did Hillary Clinton, who he gave checks to. So did Andrew Cuomo, who he gave checks to. So did Anthony Weiner, who he gave checks to. So did Chuck Schumer, who he gave checks to. So if he’s giving checks to Democratic politicians and he supports their views, whether it’s partial-birth abortion, whether it’s TARP and the big-bank bailouts, whether it’s expanding Obamacare to make it socialized medicine, whether it is Obama’s stimulus, then it starts to suggest ‘gosh,’ if he publicly supports their views, if he finances their causes, if he’s done so for 60 years of his life, and then suddenly when he announces as a candidate for president, every single one of his view changes … the only test that has ever worked is to look at who has walked the walk.

Kuhner asked whether the Texas senator was suggesting if Trump is a “fraud and hypocrite.” Cruz responded, “Well, those are your words, Jeff.”


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