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Trump Is A ‘Wazzock,’ According To Member Of British Parliament

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I’m tired of Donald Trump, but I’m even more tired of everybody’s over-the-top outrage at Donald Trump. We get it, you hate him. You’re virtue-signalling to your tribe that you’re a member in good standing. “I hate Trump too, you guys. See? Look at me hating him so very much. Please don’t cast me out!” Well, good for you.

It’s annoying, but it can also be funny. And you might even teach Americans a new word!

Apparently, our friends across the pond are talking about banning Trump because he said mean things about Muslims. The British Parliament had a debate about it yesterday, and it was educational. Laura Hughes, The Telegraph:

Victoria Atkins, a Conservative MP, says Mr Trump is “bonkers” and her constituents would brand him a “wazzock”.

She said MPs [members of Parliament] were fuelling his publicity campaign by having this debate.

Well, good job putting a stop to that, Vicky.

“Wazzock” is a new one on me, but I plan to incorporate it into my daily insult routine. Here’s a definition, from urbandictionary.com:

Popularised by Tony Capstick (in “Capstick Comes Home”) in 1981 and used since as a minor insult (similar to how “idiot” is used as an insult).

Originally meant “bull’s penis” (originally described to me as “bull’s prick”). See also “wazz” for another derivative of this sense of the word.

So, she was calling Trump a bull’s penis. Which I’m fairly certain he would take as a compliment. “Bulls, y’know, I’ve never seen a bull’s penis — I’ve seen bulls, I’ve just never looked down there — but I have to imagine it’s very impressive. Powerful animal, the bull…”

I like it. “Shut up, you wazzock.” “Go take the lift to your flat and jump out the window, you utter wazz.” It has a nice snap to it. Fun to say. “Wazzock.”

Okay, that’s all. Now move it along, you wazzocks!