Is Sarah Palin Really Donald’s Trump?

Alan Keyes Former Assistant Secretary of State
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Donald Trump doesn’t oppose the elitist faction establishment’s push to overthrow America’s Constitution liberty. He is and has always been a tool of that agenda. It’s sad that people who claim they are conservative are letting themselves be taken in by the persona he has fabricated to con them. This is a man who has made it clear that he has the same inclination to dictatorship as Obama. He has no commitment to restore the nation’s respect for the God-respecting premises of the Declaration of Independence, to which we own our rightful liberty. So, should he win, his tenure will consolidate the abandonment of those premises, and the final abrogation of the U.S. Constitution. Over the past few months I have examined the evidence and reasoning that backs up what I say about him in the following columns:

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Trump is the elitist faction’s trump card for completing the overthrow of decent self-government in the United States. Are you a principled conservative like me, loyal to the God-respecting moral premises for government set forth in America’s Declaration of Independence? Do you think I’m wrong about Donald Trump? If so, ponder this: Though Trump claims he has abandoned his long-held pro-abortion views, nothing but his politically expedient words suggest that he has made a principled commitment to defend nascent human life, or the God-endowed family. Like Sarah Palin (who appointed a pro-abort woman to the Alaska Supreme Court and then boasted that it was an advance for women) Trump pays lip service to conservatives on those issues, and then makes it clear that he has no qualms about empowering a pro-abortion RINO like Scott Brown with the position of Vice-President. He refused to speak out against the Obergefell decision, after being reduced to silence when asked about his own dubious marriage record.

Once the moral foundations of the nation are lost, everything else collapses, which is what is happening. With no commitment to restoring those foundations, it’s clear that Trump can and will do nothing to prevent the end of the American republic. If he is elected, we’ll suffer through the events that prove this logic accurate. But by then it will be too late.

This is precisely the result Trump’s candidacy has been engineered to achieve. I’m not at all surprised that Sarah Palin has now come forward to endorse him. As I have said before, Palin “is pure and simply a ‘Judas Goat.'” Her role in the elitist faction agenda is to gain some credibility with disaffected conservatives in the GOP’s grassroots base, then lead them over to RINO. Without deserving it herself, she uses the credibility she has accrued from gullible GOP conservatives to persuade and encourage them to support Trump.

This time, however, Palin offers that credibility to someone for whom the RINO label doesn’t go far enough. Trump is a Clinton Democrat who has given clear evidence that he shares Obama’s predilection for dictatorship. By endorsing him, Sarah Palin helps the elitist faction build toward a goal that serves their anti-constitutional agenda best of all — the election to the Presidency of a Democrat wearing a Republican label, who has successfully induced even supposedly pro-life/moral conservatives to invest their pride in his political success.

If he is elected with this perceived base of support, Trump will be in a position to claim that everything he does effectively redefines conservatism. As he does, the pride of the “conservatives” who backed him will keep many from speaking out against his abandonment of conservatism. He will then proceed in a way that excludes anyone sincerely committed to the God-acknowledging premises he and his true companions in the elitist faction hate. This will betray and stigmatize conservatives rooted in America’s principles of God-endowed right, including liberty. Its corpse will drop along the way, confirming the demise of Constitutional government as anything more than a sham.

God help us. Thus we must pray, to the Lord of all Creation whose will is to make us free. But what makes us think our Creator will hear us? As a nation, we have now rejected Him. Like Judah in the days of King Josiah, we may simply have to suffer the righteous judgment encoded in His handiwork. This despite the fact that He is ready to listen, if we are disposed by repentance to ask His forgiveness. But since Trump pridefully disdains to ask God for forgiveness, his Presidency is likely to cut us off, at most general level of our common life, from pleading for God’s mercy.

This fact suggests that, like the people of Judah in the time of King Josiah, the people of the United States may have passed the point of no return. We may be doomed to suffer the consequences of our abandonment of the God-acknowledging Providential truth on which, America’s founders established what we now heedlessly cast away. Yet the chance to avoid it is still subject to our election. The question is:  Will we have any way to make a choice, come November, that will be pleading to God, like Abraham; not offensive to Him, as was the self-righteousness of the Pharisee, who offered his prayer as pridefully as Cain offered his fruits in sacrifice.