Bergdahl Attorney: Trump Could Face A Defamation Suit For His Comments [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Eugene Fidell, Bowe Bergdahl’s attorney, says Donald Trump may face a defamation suit for his comments about the Army Sergeant who allegedly deserted to the Taliban in 2009.

In an interview on “CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin” Friday, Fidell claimed that Trump has lead a “lynch mob, actually, to incite ill-will and vilification of Sergeant Bergdahl.”

Some of Trump’s comments about Berghahl include him saying, “Believe me, folks they’re [the five prisoners exchanged with the Taliban for Berghalhl] back in the battlefield and they want to kill everybody here, they want to kill everybody there. So we get this dirty, rotten, no-good traitor who 20 years ago would have been shot… Everybody was saying, he walked off, he’s a traitor. And they said he’s a whack job, but we made this deal knowing. Now, I would have said, ‘No really? He’s a traitor? Pass, let them have him. Frankly, I would take that son of a bitch, I’d fly him back and drop him right over the top. I’m telling you.”

A lecturer at Yale Law School, Fidell claimed at the start of the interview “none of my comments today should be construed in any way of barring on the fitness to be president [of Trump] and what people should do in the primaries or the caucuses or anything of a political nature. That, I just want to lay that on the table. That’s not my function. And that’s not why I’m here talking with you today.”

Fidell said that along with the Army co-counsel, “we have been monitoring Mr. Trump’s statements for some time. In fact, if you don’t mind I’m going to hold this up for the camera. This is the now eight-page log that we have of some of the various appalling comments that Mr. Trump has made in an effort to — it’s like a lynch mob, actually, to incite ill-will and vilification of Sergeant Bergdahl.”

“Your lead into this segment included some of his comments. There’s any number of other comments he’s made at various places around the country,” Fidell said. “There’s been a a pattern here that is so extensive that it has certainly raised in the mind of the defense team whether the, whether Sergeant Bergdahl’s right to a fair trial has been irreparably compromised by Mr. Trump’s comments.”

“Now, Mr. Trump has the right to say whatever he wants. Thank God under the First Amendment. I believe he believes in the Constitution. I do too. I believe strongly in free speech. He may wind up you know, facing a defamation case down the road, but right now my concern is whether he’s irreparably compromised my client’s right to a fair trial,” Fidell said.

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