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Did CNN Plant Questions For Hillary At Last Night’s Dem Townhall?

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If not, why the break in protocol?

I didn’t watch the Democrat townhall last night, because there’s not enough liquor in the world. But it’s pretty weird that they held a debate during primetime on a school night, isn’t it? Up until now, the DNC has done everything possible to avoid that.

The following might indicate why they’ve been hiding their awful candidates from the public as much as possible:

“I can see why they gave you this question.”

Who are “they”? This kid is the one asking the question. Did someone else give him that question to ask?

I’m trying to think of some other reason he’d say that, after he nervously started to call her “Secretary Sanders” by mistake. (In all fairness, it is pretty tough to tell those two fossils apart.)

And then, she and “moderator” Gene Rayburn Chris Cuomo did a little comedy routine:

Gee. That didn’t sound rehearsed at all.

Doesn’t she seem more relatable now, you guys? Not to mention brave. It’s about time a presidential candidate had the guts to defend Abraham Lincoln.

Hillary 2016: Unless You Want to Bring Back Slavery, You Teabaggers?

By the way:

Well, that one wasn’t on the list.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)