German City Bans Refugees From Nightclubs

Alexa Santry Contributor
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The German city of Freiburg announced that it has banned refugees from nightclubs following several accusations of sexual harassment and theft, the Daily Mail reports.

Women who visited the nightclubs claimed the refugees had drugged their drinks with date-rape subtances and assaulted females in the bathrooms. One woman alleged that she had been raped and seen a bouncer stabbed.

Due to the collective complaints, six different clubs have banned refugees. The weekend headline for the local newspaper, Badische Zeitung, read, “No more entry for asylum seekers.”

While six clubs have partaken in the universal ban, one club said they will admit refugees if the refugees accept a special card that represents the rejection of “violence, sexism, and discrimination.”

The social services leader of the town, Ulrich von Kirchbach, responded to the ban stating, “It is discrimination. One cannot rule out a whole group of people like this.” Kirchbach said that the majority of refugees have behaved well and attributed the refugees’ reputation to a few “black sheep.”

A club in the town called the White Rabbit did not directly ban all refugees but instead stated, “We have decided that, for time being, we will not allow into the club people who possess only a temporary residence permit.”

Refugees receive temporary residence permits upon entry to the country, while their papers are processed.

The owner of a club called the Jazz House likewise banned refugees saying, “We prided ourselves on being a cosmopolitan club. But we cannot always run it so. The claim and the harsh reality diverge here.”