The Most Assigned Economist In American Colleges Is Karl Marx

(Reuters/David Gray)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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According to an analysis released Thursday, Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in U.S college syllabi and his Communist Manifesto is the third most assigned book overall, MarketWatch reports.

“The Communist Manifesto” is listed in 3,189 different syllabi. The second most frequently taught book by an economist was Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations.” It was assigned 1,587 times, 1,602 less than Marx’s work. His manifesto is the third most assigned overall, behind Plato’s “Republic” and William Skrunk’s “The Elements of Style.”

While Marx is considered an economist, his work is usually taught alongside philosophy books. The data comes from The Open Syllabus Project which, “is an effort to create the first large-scale online database of university course syllabi as a platform for the development of new research, teaching, and administrative tools.”

A search of The Open Syllabus Project’s syllabus explorer showed no results for the Bible.