Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown To Endorse Donald Trump

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former Massachusetts senator and former New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown is set to endorse Donald Trump Tuesday.

According to The Washington Post, Brown will appear with Trump during his rally on Tuesday in Milford, New Hampshire.

Prior to Tuesday, Brown has appeared alongside Trump during New Hampshire campaign events. Brown has said that Trump was going to be “the next president of the United States.”

In January, Trump said that Brown was cut out of “central casting” and could possible be his vice-presidential pick.

Brown’s endorsement has been coveted by more establishment Republicans due to his centrist positions on issues. Brown supports abortion rights and an assault weapons ban but he has blue collar and populist tendencies.

Brown is the first senator to endorse the billionaire real-estate mogul.

At an event in Portsmouth, N.H. in January, Brown said his endorsement criteria included: “Somebody who is not afraid to make a decision and doesn’t always follow the polls; sometimes who will be politically incorrect and will do what’s best for this country … Someone also who is not afraid to admit when they’re wrong.” (RELATED: Watch Donald Trump’s Post Iowa Caucus Speech [VIDEO])

UPDATE: The Trump campaign confirms that Brown will join Mr. Trump for a press conference prior to Tuesday’s Milford rally.

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