GOP Senator Accused Of Bigotry Reiterates Opposition To Obama Judicial Nominee

Jessica McGowan/GETTY IMAGES

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Despite unfounded yet toxic charges of bigotry Georgia Republican Senator [crscore]David Perdue[/crscore] is doubling down on his decision to block Barack Obama’s nomination of a pro-amnesty Latino judge to the federal bench.

In an interview with Politico published Tuesday morning, Perdue said, “I’ve made my decision. I’m not going to reverse that decision. I think it’s the right thing to do to protect the integrity of the bench and the nomination process.”

His stand is refreshing — Republican usually cave to bogus charges of prejudice — but not surprising. Perdue clearly does not tailor his conscience to political fashions. In a rebuke to GOP orthodoxy, he has even lavishly praised Donald Trump.

Perdue quietly announced late last month that he would stop the selection of Dax Lopez to the United States Court of Appeals for Georgia because of his longtime association with the pro-amnesty Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

GALEO has supported Obama’s arguably illegal executive orders on immigration. The group works to hinder enforcement of immigration laws regarding illegals arrested for crimes, according to Georgia sheriffs who opposed the nomination.

Perdue’s concern was essentially that Lopez, now a state judge, would double as GALEO’s general counsel if elevated to federal court.

But liberal groups claimed that his real motivation was some kind of deep-seated animus towards Latinos. After all, bigotry is the only explanation for criticizing anything any member of a racial minority does.

With activists groups doing their dirty work the White House is telling Politico that Perdue should re-consider. ”Judge Lopez is a highly qualified candidate who enjoys deep support from both sides of the aisle, and we urge Sen. Perdue to drop his opposition and allow Judge Lopez to move forward in the process,” the Obama administration said.

Interestingly, the declaration avoided explicitly stating the standard Obama line that anybody who disagrees with him is guilty of subverting the national interest and just plain common sense to crass partisan politics.

Instead, Politico did it for them!

The story was headlined, “Republican senator sinks GOP judge’s nomination,” with the subhead, “Despite conservative credentials, immigration politics claims another Obama nominee.”

Think about it. Obama nominated a judge to advance his hyper-liberal agenda on immigration that he has pursued with possibly illegal fiats. But only Republicans who take exception are guilty of politics?

Perdue communications director Megan Whittemore told the Washington Gadfly that they were not contacted directly by the White House and he“reviews each judicial nominee individually and makes a decision based on their merits.”