Which Presidential Candidate Will Really Make Us Safer?

Michael S. Buscher National Security Analyst
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Today our country faces unprecedented threats domestically as well as abroad. The last seven years have allowed for the unchecked growth of terrorist organizations such as ISIS and created political unrest the likes of which haven’t been seen since World War II. This unrest, spurred by international terrorism abroad and weak foreign policy at home, has destabilized international economic markets, drained U.S. resources and caused an unmistakable rift between the U.S. and some of our longest standing allies.

After nearly 28 years of government service, including as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Special Operations Command and nearly a decade as a Senior Operations Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency, I know firsthand the imminent threats we face. I served throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe gathering intelligence that could only be gained face to face. I proudly served with some of the finest Americans this nation has to offer only to have the political class in Washington discount, overlook or otherwise ignore our work. And we’ve all seen the result — nuclear weaponization efforts in Iran, the explosion of Islamic extremism globally, and the rise of dangerous regimes in China and Russia.

As a result, the war on terrorism and the failure to effectively address Islamic Extremism has been brought to our shores. Instead of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, we now face it in places like Chattanooga, Tennessee and San Bernardino, California—near our homes and on our streets. At the same time, this administration has openly and willingly negotiated with Iran, unleashing $150 billion in frozen assets to the recognized global leader of state sponsored terrorism.

Even so, the question shouldn’t be how we got but where do we go from here?

As an American concerned with the safety of this country, I know our country is at a pivotal point and this election will have long lasting consequences. I have looked at this pool of presidential candidates to find a candidate who has contributed to our national security–not in words — but in real, tangible action. I have asked which candidate will restore American leadership and renew ties with our allies. Who has the fortitude to face Putin and to defeat ISIS?

For me — and many of my colleagues — the answer is clear. Our next Commander in Chief should be Carly Fiorina.

Carly served on the CIA External Advisory Board providing vital input as to how best to address and threats to this nation. With a strong foundation in innovation and technology, her subject matter expertise in cybersecurity quickly and effectively aided policy makers and the intelligence community at large. The bottom line is she has helped make you and me safer. And that should be the true test for our next President.

President of the United States is not about being popular or going with the flow. This administration has proven that won’t work. Instead, the job is about making difficult decisions that need to be made when they need to be made. As the CEO of one of the largest businesses on the globe, Carly made tough calls she knew would upset the status quo and allow others to paint her in a negative light. But she also knew she would save tens of thousands of jobs and a global leader in the industry facing unprecedented market challenges.

Today, our country sits in a similar position. Through the inaction of our current Administration and an insatiable quest to please foreign aggressors and hateful ideology, we find ourselves as a country and a people devoid of real leadership in a time when we need it most.

As Americans take a closer look at our options for President, I ask you to set aside the media hype. Instead, ask yourself which candidate is best prepared to keep our nation safe. Which candidate understands the impact of foreign policy to our economic prosperity? Which candidate is less concerned about her popularity and more concerned with American leadership in the world?

As someone who has dedicated my life to protecting this country from her enemies, the choice for a safer, strong and more prosperous future is Carly Fiorina.