Limbaugh: ‘You Will Never Doubt’ Ted Cruz Is Conservative [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh said that “if conservatism and the values inherent in conservatism” matter to you, “you will never doubt where [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] [is] on any of it.”

Tuesday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh railed against Jeb Bush for claiming to now be against the Citizens United decision and for claiming to not “blame Obama for a single thing” in an attempt to gain support from the independent voters in New Hampshire. (RELATED: Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is ‘Inarguably Thoroughbred Conservative’ [VIDEO])

“I don’t believe that Jeb Bush really wants to overturn Citizens United and I don’t really believe Jeb Bush doesn’t think Obama’s done anything worth criticizing but to go out there and say he won’t do it,” Limbaugh claimed. “It’s stunning to me and I’m telling you, I’m on the verge of cracking jokes and startin’ laughing at these people. Which would be the fun way to approach it but things are pretty serious here.” (RELATED: Jeb Says He’d Overturn Citizens United, Trump Mocks Him [VIDEO])

“[S]ay what you want about Ted Cruz, but Mr. Ted Cruz would never engage in this kind of watering down his beliefs,” Limbaugh argued.

Pretending to disagree with himself, Limbaugh said, “‘I know, but Rush, but Rush, but Rush, Cruz is not supposed to win here [in New Hampshire]. [Cruz] knows he doesn’t have to win here. He knows he doesn’t have to win so he doesn’t have to.’ Doesn’t matter, he wouldn’t do this kind of thing anyway,” Limbaugh insisted.

“If victory, and this is the difference, if victory were at hand, and all Ted Cruz had to do is go out and say, ‘You know what, I’m through criticizing Obama,’ it would be the end of him the rest of the way. He wouldn’t do it,” Limbaugh said.

“If conservatism and the values inherent in conservatism, the founding of America, all of these things, if they mattered to you, the one thing you will never doubt is where Ted Cruz [is] on any of it,” Limbaugh claimed. However, with other politicians “they’re fluid, they’re flexible, it depends on what it needed at the time. If they’ll do this in the New Hampshire primary, then they would sure as hell do it in the White House if it came to it, that they had to do something to gain favor, curry favor, end up looking good, or what have you.”

“I can’t believe this, I mean except that I can,” Limbaugh said, “You really do. Jeb Bush: ‘I will not blame Barack Obama for a single thing.’ He vowed yesterday that he will not scapegoat Obama for any challenges he faces should he be elected president. ‘My pledge to you: When I’m president I will not blame Barack Obama for a single thing,'” Limbaugh read from Bush’s words from a campaign event at the Nashua Country Club, in Nashua, New Hampshire on Monday.

“Now I understand the point, [Bush is] out there saying, ‘Look, I’m not going to be what Obama is, and I’m not going to blame Bush and blame my predecessor.’ He’s trying to defend his brother, I understand all that but I’m sorry, this doesn’t work,” Limbaugh argued. “The problems that we face are linked, directly linked to Barack Hussein O in reversing the direction this country is going, you’re going to have to explain to people why you’re doing it. And part and parcel of explaining why you’re doing it is to explain why we’re in the mess and you cannot leave Obama out of that. He is the mess.”

“We can argue all day long about whether he’s an incompetent boom, swerving and stumbling into one disaster after another or whether it’s some grand design, which I happen to believe as you well know,” Limbaugh said.

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