Top Iranian Commander: US Is Subordinate To ‘Iran’s Dominance In The Middle East’

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The United States cannot act in the Middle East without the consent of Supreme Leader Khameini — so says Mohammad Rez Naqdi, the commander of Iran’s Basij paramilitary force.

Naqdi said at a press conference honoring Iran’s 1979 revolution that “the hundreds of Revolutionary Guards generals fighting in Syria will never repeat the mistake of the Shiite Caliph Hassan bin Ali who surrendered leadership of the Muslim world to Muawiyyah bin Abi Sufyan,” reports the Jerusalem Post.

“It is impossible to compare Iran to Iran under the Shah’s rule, since back then, Iran was subordinate to the American administration,” he continued. “Today, the United States subordinates to Iran’s dominance in the Middle East and it cannot act in the region without getting the approval of the Supreme Leader of Iran.”

Furthermore, Naqdi criticized President Barack Obama’s proposed Iranian Nuclear Deal, claiming President Rouhani made too many concession to America.

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