New Cruz Ad Slams Hillary With Spot-On ‘Office Space’ Parody [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter

Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore]’s campaign released a new ad on Friday playing off the double standard awarded to the Clintons in a parody of the classic “Office Space” printer-smashing scene.

In the ad, entitled “It Feels Good To Be A Clinton,” an actress portraying Hillary Clinton and two other companions smash a computer tower with a baseball bat. (RELATED: Clinton Press Secretary On Email Server: ‘I Don’t Know What Wiped Means’ [VIDEO])

While the computer is being smashed in the ad, this song is playing:

“Damn it feels good to be a Clinton, a shameless politician always plays her cards right. Got a crew for the fight on the airwaves. Lapdogs in the press keep their mouths tight. ‘Cause a Clinton never needs to explain what, why it is what they done or with who, a real Clinton knows that they’re entitled and you don’t get to know what they do.”

“What difference does it make for a Clinton what’s loaded in some fat oppo file? A Clinton plays the victim for promotion. A Clinton kills it off with a smile. Damn it feels good to be a Clinton, a server full of secrets ain’t nothing. Damn it feels good to be a Clinton, nothing ever hits with a sting.” (RELATED: Reports: Some Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are ‘Too Damaging’ To National Security To Release)

In a FOIA request submitted by Gawker, it was revealed that Mike Allen of Politico and Marc Ambinder, then-politics editor of The Atlantic acquiesced to Philippe Reines requests to word stories in specific ways while Clinton was secretary of state. (RELATED: New Emails Show Press Literally Taking Orders From Hillary)


Here’s the original “Office Space” scene that the ad is based upon.

No word yet if anyone of the actors in the Cruz ad are in-fact adult film stars too. At time of publication, the Cruz campaign has yet to reply to TheDC’s request for comment about the vetting process of the actors in their ad. Thursday, TheDC broke the story that in a campaign ad that was subsequently taken down, the main actress was also in soft-core porn. (RELATED: Ted Cruz’s Latest Ad Features A Porn Star)

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