9/11 Suspect’s Trial Postponed After He Asks To Fire Lawyers

Alexa Santry Contributor
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A 9/11 suspect held at Guantanamo Bay asked to fire his attorneys in a Tuesday hearing because he does not trust two of them, Reuters reports.

Walid bin Attash is being detained with five other men who are likewise accused of planning the 9/11 attacks. The Yemeni man is also suspected to have been an al-Qaida training camp leader.

The hearing began Tuesday, but it was suspended when bin Attash expressed that he wanted to fire his lawyers. “The problem is that the attorneys became the enemy. I cannot work with someone who cheats me,” bin Attash said.

In October, bin Attash tried to fire one of the same lawyers, who was representing him in the death penalty case. Judge Army Colonel James Pohl refused bin Attash’s request because he did not show a good case. Bin Attash complained that his lawyer had not improved his prison conditions at Gitmo.

Now bin Attash is hoping to fire two of his attorneys. He said, however, that he is open to keeping a new lawyer that he met on Monday.

The hearing, which began Tuesday, has been postponed per bin Attash’s new request. The case is set to span 11 days and is scheduled to include over 30 motions. Bin Attash’s lawyers will focus on prisoner treatment at Gitmo and his time in a secret CIA prison.