Clinton Wins High-Card Draw To Win Nevada Precinct

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton won a precinct in the Nevada Democratic caucus by drawing an ace of clubs, when Bernie Sanders only drew a six of hearts.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the 30 voters at Precinct 10 in Pahrump, Nevada were split, so the decision came down to a game of high card draw. (RELATED: Nevada Democratic Caucus Ties Will Be Decided By High-Card Draw)

Representatives from the Sanders and Clinton campaign asked precinct chair Peggy Rhoades to shuffle the previously unopened deck three times and then lay the cards out on a table. Prior to the shuffle, the jokers were removed from the deck.

Clinton’s representative drew first, and picked the ace of clubs. Sanders representative drew second and picked the six of hearts.

Clinton received three delegates, Sanders two.

The Iowa caucus, coin flips were used to dictate the outcome of multiple precincts.

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