Nevada GOP Denies Voter Fraud

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The Nevada Republicans Party claimed that it did not see any “voting irregularities” at its caucuses Wednesday night, despite numerous reports of double voting, shortages of ballots and voters casting ballots without IDs being checked.

The Nevada GOP, threatened with losing its fourth-place position in the Republican primary contests for 2020 because of its dismal 2012 turnout, tweeted at 10:20 p.m. ET that “there have been no official reports of voting irregularities or violations.” The caucuses officially closed at midnight ET.

Marco Rubio strategist Jeremey Hughes said that volunteers at a Clark County caucus site were admitting voters without checking their identification.

“We assumed that situation was resolved,” Marco Rubio strategist Jeremey Hughes told CNN.

Hughes told CNN he reported the violations to Sue Lowden, the former chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party, who happened to be at that caucus site, and that she scolded the woman.

“Trying to catch all the fraud that’s going on here would be like trying to plug all the holes in the Titanic. You fix one and another one bursts,” Hughes added.

Several volunteers and ballot counters wore Trump campaign gear, which was allowed under Nevada GOP rules

Noting the over 75,000 voter turnout, the Nevada GOP congratulated Donald Trump for winning the caucuses and thanked “all the hardworking volunteers, who helped manage our caucus sites across the state and report results in an orderly and timely fashion to the Nevada Republican Party.”

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