RNC Chair Rips Washington Post For ‘Stupidest Editorial I’ve Ever Seen’ [VIDEO]

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Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus blasted The Washington Post’s editorial critical of himself and GOP leadership insisting it was “the stupidest editorial that I’ve ever seen.”

In an interview with Alisyn Camerota Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Priebus defended his handling of Donald Trump’s campaign arguing, “My job is to put forward the fairest process that we can put forward, to not put my hand on the scale.”

When Camerota brought up The Washington Post’s editorial calling out his relationship with Trump, Priebus mocked it by replying, “Yeah, for not rejecting the front runner.”

Monday’s WaPo Editorial said, “Mr. Priebus has shown that he knows that Mr. Trump is a problem. He condemned Mr. Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States. But, also like many top Republicans, the party chairman has nevertheless given Mr. Trump a wide berth to run a flamboyant insult of a campaign… Mr. Priebus and everyone else ‘leading’ the GOP are Americans before they are Republicans. They should act like it.”

Camerota then asked Priebus, “Has Donald Trump run too toxic of a campaign?”

Priebus replied, “That is the stupidest editorial that I’ve ever seen. That — that I’m called out for not beating up the front runner of the GOP. This is, it’s ridiculous.”

Defending WaPo’s stance, Camerota said, “Well they’re saying not condemning some of [Trump’s] more vitriolic statements.”

As Mediaite noted, Priebus shot back, “Come on! That’s not my job. My job is to put forward the fairest process that we can put forward, to not put my hand on the scale, to allow our delegates to make the choices that they want to make and then accept the decision that the delegates make.”

Priebus then took a shot at Democratic National Committee Chair, [crscore]Debbie Wasserman Schultz[/crscore]’s operation arguing, “Unlike what’s happening on the Democrat side, when they have superdelegates in their back pockets and could give a darn what their grassroots is telling the party, that’s not how we operate our party on our side. So it is never going to happen.” (RELATED: CNN’s Tapper Challenges DNC Chair To Explain ‘Rigged’ Superdelegate System [VIDEO])

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