Ted Cruz’s Face Is Now Being Used To Fund Poor People’s Abortions

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An opponent of Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] is now using the presidential candidate’s visage and alleged similarity to the Zodiac Killer in an effort to fund abortions for the poor.

“Ted Cruz Was The Zodiac Killer,” reads the ghoulish black T-shirt being sold online at the indie shopping website Big Cartel.


The shirts are the brainchild of activist Tim Faust and cost $15, with all proceeds after expenses (roughly $11 per shirt) donated to the West Fund. The West Fund has the stated purpose of raising money to fund abortions for low-income people in western Texas, which Faust says is home to the “women most severely punished by the barbaric policies of our own Zodiac senator.”

The joke is based on a perceived resemblance between Cruz and a police sketch of the Zodiac Killer who menaced the San Francisco area in the 1960s and 70s.

“If you applied the joke to anyone else, it would be a funny nonsequitur, like ‘Dennis Kucinich is the Boston Strangler,'” Faust told Talking Points Memo. “But Ted Cruz is such a weird, uncomfortable, sleazy guy…he’s the only one that really fits with the Zodiac Killer description.”

Of course, it’s all a big joke.

“[O]bviously, this is satire,” the sales page notes. “There’s no way Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer—the dates don’t match up. However, there’s no way of knowing whether Ted Cruz has sworn with his every waking breath to further the agenda of the Zodiac Killer, whom he may or may not love.”

Faust added the shirts have raised about $35,000 thus far, enough to pay for 77 abortions at the average price of $451. That’s about twice as many as the 37 victims claimed by the Zodiac Killer in one of his famous messages to the police.

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