Former Muslim: The Koran Is The Solution To Radical Islam

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In order to counter radical Islam, Americans need to educate themselves on the political philosophy of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, Ayaan Hirsi Ali said Thursday.

Ali, a former Muslim and human rights activist, explained her solution to countering the the threat of radical Islam during a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. Ali’s life was threatened because of her criticism of her former religion and call for an Islamic reformation.

“Before we start electing a commander in chief, we the people need to educate ourselves on what the threat is,” said Ali, noting that “not every single Muslim is a threat.” In fact, she said that millions of them are peace-loving and pose no problem to the U.S. Instead, it is the radicals who follow the political philosophy of “Muhammad in Medina” that are the problem.

“Muhammad developed a political doctrine that is the antithesis of the American political doctrine,” said Ali. She went on to explain that while in the now Saudi Arabian city of Medina, one of the holiest places in the Islamic religion, Muhammad developed his political doctrine that became a part of his legacy, and therefore, a part of the religion.

“Islam is also a political doctrine,” said Ali, noting that the political philosophy developed by Muhammad in Medina poses significant problems when utilized by radical Islamists. “Those Muslims who invoke the prophet Muhammad in his legacy in Medina … those are a threat to us.”

The threat not only emanates from terrorists themselves, Ali said, but from many aspects of the religion, and to focus on only one is mistaken. “They are not only lone wolves, some are state actors. They are international, they are Sunni and they are Shia.”

In the age of the internet, Ali said that it is easier now for everyone to learn about radical Islam than ever before. “We have opportunities to inform ourselves. Across the world we can see where sharia is implemented. many countries are facing the monster that they created and in some cases the monsters that they fed.”

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