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#NotAllMuslims Convince Germans To Segregate By Gender

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We all know it’s ridiculous to worry about sharia law taking over Western civilization. Um, hello? We have our own laws, you guys. We wrote ’em down and everything!

That’s why the following is no big deal. Simon Tomlinson, Daily Mail:

A German water park that has been the scene of two sex attacks by migrants have announced plans to segregate men and women.

The plan will involve banning men and teenage boys from using the waterslides at certain times when only women, girls and very young boys will be allowed access.

It comes days after police arrested two asylum seekers from Afghanistan for a sex attack on two girls on the slides at the Arriba water park in Norderstedt in the Schleswig-Holstein region.

The message is clear: “If you come to our country and can’t follow our rules… well, we’ll just have to change them, won’t we? Sorry about that, fellas. When we let you in, we didn’t even think about how our social mores would affect you. Men and women using the same swimming pools? In bathing suits? It’s no wonder you couldn’t help yourselves. Thank you for your patience as we try to accommodate your needs.”

Oh, did I call them Muslims? I meant migrants. They’re asylum seekers. No offense.

Look, I get why people are drawn to the guy on TV who said he wanted to keep out all the Muslims. I get why they feel like they’re being ignored by “the establishment.” I don’t like having to press 1 to hear my own language either, and I’m not going to shut up about what I see every day just to be politically correct. But if you actually believe what that dude is saying, you’ll be in for a shock when he says the exact opposite on a whim and waves it off with, “Everything is negotiable.” I’m not falling for it. Immigration is a problem, but that guy is not the solution.

(Hat tip: Milo)