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Breitbart News Publicist Quits, Says ‘Life Is Too Short’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Amid the debacle of whether Michelle Fields was almost knocked to the ground by Donald Trump‘s flack, Breitbart News public relations executive Kurt Bardella is calling it quits.

Not exactly a huge endorsement of Breitbart‘s account of what happened — or better still — what did not. Breitbart execs have flip-flopped on what happened, at first demanding an apology from Trump spokesman Corey Lewandowksi and then conceding that it may have just been a big old misunderstanding.

“The injury may have been accidental, owing simply to the chaos of the press scrum,” said one statement, referring to the light bruises on Fields’s arm that she displayed in a picture that she dispatched on Twitter.

Both Trump and Lewandowksi flat out deny that any physical altercation with Fields took place. But with the bruises intact, it’s clear something happened, but who committed the “crime” remains a mystery since Fields did not see which man with short cropped hair grabbed her arm. It was WaPo reporter Ben Terris (whose coif is bushy and curly) who insists that Lewandowksi nearly pulled Fields to the floor after asking Trump a question about  affirmative action.

The Daily Beast claims to have a video that shows that Lewandowski is the criminal, but The Mirror viewed it and it’s still tough to decipher what the hell is going on.

Meanwhile, Bardella, who has other clients, said he has decided to pursue other interests. Referring to what’s going with Breitbart and Fields, he said: “The events of the last 72 hours really crystalized this for me.”

In an email to The Mirror, he further explained his feelings.

“When you reach a point where you can’t give 100% to people you represent, it’s not tenable to continue representing them,” Bardella wrote. “My own personal observation is that there is a cycle of behavior that is escalating and it’s happening exclusively at Donald Trump events. It is wrong, disgusting and indicative of an ugliness that is contaminating the public and political discourse in our country. Life is too short to invest your time in things you don’t believe and aren’t passionate about. That is why I made the decision to resign from representing Breitbart.”

(Full disclosure: Fields is dating my coworker Jamie Weinstein, who is calling on Lewandowksi to take a lie detector test. Fields is a former employee of The Daily Caller but the publication parted ways with her a few years ago. I personally have never worked with her. To make matters more of a shit show, Bardella used to handle PR for The Daily Caller, but that was before my time.)