Clinton Campaign Still Hasn’t Paid Iowa Police Departments For Extra Security [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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The Hillary Clinton campaign has stiffed two Iowa police departments which provided its police officers as extra security at campaign events.

According to Des Moines news station WHO, the Marshalltown police department has yet to be paid the $2,700 it billed the Clinton campaign for overtime it paid officers who worked events on Jan. 15 and Jan. 26.

“We have requested reimbursement from the Clinton campaign. We haven’t received that payment yet,” Marshalltown police chief Michael Tupper told WHO.

The campaign has also not made good on an $1,800 bill from the Des Moines police department. Officers there worked a Katy Perry concert in October.

While the Clinton campaign says it will pay the Des Moines bill once it receives an invoice, WHO obtained an invoice sent from city hall to the Clinton campaign’s Iowa operations on Nov. 19.

Tupper told WHO that he is frustrated with the Clinton campaign’s lack of payment, especially given the strain the political events placed on his officers and on the city’s checkbook.

“They distract us from the other duties of the day and we’re happy to help out, but we don’t have unlimited financial resources that can cover all these security requests,” said Tupper.

“We have limited resources here,” he added. “This money is coming out of the City of Marshalltown general fund, the taxpayers of Marshalltown are covering these expenses and we just don’t have the kind of unlimited resources that one might expect to cover these unexpected events.”

Marshalltown’s bill covers only the cost of overtime paid to the officers, said the police chief.

“That doesn’t cover the costs that I incurred with captains and lieutenants and supervisors planning the event or detectives getting ready for the event, pre-event,” he continued.

The Clinton campaign did not comment to WHO about the bill from the Marshalltown police department.

[dcquiz] Regarding the Des Moines invoice, Clinton campaign spokeswoman Lily Adams told the TV station: “We have been in constant communication with the Des Moines Police Department, as recently as this month, to get an invoice and as soon as we receive it we will pay the bill immediately. We appreciate the work they do, including keeping Iowans safe at this event.”

Tupper told WHO that two other presidential candidates — Republican Donald Trump and Clinton’s challenger, Bernie Sanders — have settled their bills with the city.


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