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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Again Bars Pro-Lifers

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is excluding pro-life organizations yet again, but winning kudos for new-found “tolerance” by allowing an Irish gay group to march Thursday for the first time ever.

This configuration flouts an agreement by parade organizers with Catholic leaders that a gay group would finally be allowed to march under an official banner if an anti-abortion organization could as well.

Children First Foundation president Elizabeth Rex, whose group was excluded last year, tells the Washington Gadfly, that the arrangement “turned out to be a lie. The tolerance is non-existence for pro-life groups and it is a Catholic parade.”

In 2015, a group of gay NBC employees were allowed to march with other paraders down Fifth Avenue after more than two decades of homosexual activists demanding to officially participate.

Still, that was not good enough for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

He boycotted the parade anyway.

De Blasio announced early this month that he is joining the festivities because the group Lavender and Green Alliance is marching.

@OutNBCUniversal was also invited.


What does NBC have to do with Irish heritage? NBC, which broadcasts the parade, reportedly threatened to discontinue coverage if their same sex workers could not participate.

Rex, who prepared a banner for 2015, did not bother applying this year since it seemed futile.

But Personhood Education New York City founder Dawn Eskew, says her inquiries for 2016 were ignored. “I really don’t want to be In it anyway, I called and sent a message and that was it. You know what their position is so why even bother.”

Eskew, whose group supports a total ban on abortion without exceptions, says the parade “is not Catholic. It has lost its moral compass.”

She also disputed whether the Lavender and Green members are even Catholic.

Meanwhile, Rex says a group of peaceful counter-protesters will convene tomorrow on 5th Avenue between 65th and 66th. “They want to pray and restore the parade to its Catholic roots.”

Anybody want to take a wild guess if liberals are going to tolerate that?

Evan Gahr