The ‘Establishment’ Has Only One Honorable Path If It Wants To Stop Trump

Mark Meckler Mark Meckler is the President of Convention of States Foundation & Convention of States Action (COSA). COSA has over 5 million supporters and activists, representing every state legislative district in the nation. Mark appears regularly on television, radio and online discussing the conservative grassroots perspective on political issues. Before COSA, Mark was the Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots. He left the organization in 2012 to implement this constitutional solution to take power from DC and return it to the sovereign citizens of the states. Mark has a B.A. from SDSU and a law degree from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He practiced law for two decades, specializing in internet privacy law
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Leading “establishment” conservatives are meeting behind closed doors to plot a scheme to steal the election from the probable nominee, Donald Trump. Politico reports that a possible third party candidate – Mitt Romney? – might appear in the fall to upset the apple cart. But the “establishment” of the GOP has one – and only one – honorable option to “dump Trump.”

His name is [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore].

I neither endorse Cruz or the idea that it’s best to “dump Trump.” As the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots and Citizens for Self-Governance, I endorse the will of the American people — not the so-called political elite.

The establishment acts as if the last two elections didn’t happen. Collectively, they have amnesia about the role they played in bringing Barack Obama upon this country. These are the same people who gave us [crscore]John Boehner[/crscore] and Eric Cantor — and learned nothing when they were unceremoniously deposed. These are the same people who have presided over an ever-increasing long-term debt, and who are getting enormously rich in Washington, DC, while the grassroots of this country suffer.

These people, who now claim to want to “save the Republican Party” from Donald Trump, failed to save the Republican Party from themselves. They advised the Republican controlled Congress to do nothing to defund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, the EPA, or any other of the dozens of abominations we could have limited or eviscerated with the congressional power of the purse.

These are the same people, powered by the same consultants who make millions of dollars “advising” losing campaigns on how to lose again.  And when they lose, there is no penalty. Having operated at the national level, they will be called on again and again, to enrich themselves regardless of outcome. Like no other industry, these false prophets and failed magicians will continue to get rich, despite a long history of failure.

And now? After all of this mishandling, they have the gall to come to the American people – like the only adults in the room – to save the day. Their scheming, planning, and whispering disrespects the millions of American people who have supported Trump throughout the primaries. I have immense respect for the American people, especially the vast army of grassroots activists who are politically active, in the Trump camp or not.

But there’s only one option when it looks like you are getting beat fair and square – fight harder. The only honorable option for those who don’t want to see Trump as the GOP nominee is to unite around Ted Cruz. Yet, those two words put together (“Ted” and “Cruz”) seem to make members of the establishment break out into hives. The establishment is so juvenile, they demand that Sen. Cruz apologize to Sen. [crscore]Mitch McConnell[/crscore] and others whom he may have insulted by telling the American people the truth about how the establishment works (or doesn’t work) in the United States Senate.


The Republican establishment has been on a long term suicide mission and they’re blaming us for killing them. It’s time for them to step aside, and make peace with the idea that they’re no longer in charge. Their arrogance, personal stupidity, and greed have kept Republicans out of the White House for two cycles. And now, rather than cede control to the American people, they’re looking to blow the whole thing up.

The GOP establishment needs to look in the mirror, acknowledge what they’ve become, and take a back seat to “We the People.” They may not like the results, but this is how America is supposed to work.