Trump Continues To Give Millions To His Campaign

Donald Trump (Reuters)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Donald Trump continues to pour millions of his own wealth into his bid for the presidency. He has lent or given a total of $25 million to his campaign, The Washington Post reports.

In February, the New York real estate developer gave $6.9 million to his campaign. An additional $2 million came from donors, according to the Post. In total, the Trump campaign has received $9.5 million from supporters.

Trump’s closest opponent in both delegates and cash is Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore]. Cruz raised $11.9 million in February, though he spent $17.5 million last month. The Texas senator enters March with $8 million cash on hand.

Cruz wasn’t alone in spending large sums last month. Trump spent $9.5 million, and Gov. John Kasich spent more than he raised. The Ohio governor only has $1.25 million cash on hand heading into March’s contests.

The $9.5 million that Trump spent was in fact less than he spent in January. He decreased spending in February while all other campaigns upped the ante.

Trump has defied expectations by running what is in comparison to other campaigns a bare-bones operation. He has spent no money on internal polling. Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent over $350,000 on polling in February.

Clinton has $30.8 million in the bank going into March. Sen. Bernie Sanders outraised her last month, $43.5 million to $30.1 million, though he spent $40.9 million in an effort to catch up to the Democratic front-runner.

The two candidates have been heavily supported by an army of donors. Sanders has received nearly $140 million from about 2 million donors. Hillary has raised over $160 million and just got her millionth donor.

This stands in contrast to the big donors who attempted to bankroll Sen. [crscore]Marco Rubio[/crscore] in an anti-Trump push. Conservative Solutions PAC, a pro-Rubio group, received 11 donations of a million or more.