Trump Foreign Policy Guru’s Sister Is Teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, Who Slept With A 12-Year-Old

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This week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced the six members of a team which will advise him on foreign policy. The group, chaired by Sen. Jeff Sessions, includes Joseph E. Schmitz.

Schmitz, a former inspector general for the Department of Defense and a former employee of security services company Blackwater, is the brother of Mary Kay Letourneau, the legendary former Seattle-area elementary school teacher who molested her 12-year-old student Vili Fualaau in the 1990s, had a couple kids with him, spent about six years in jail, then married Fualaau in 2005 — in a ceremony at a winery covered exclusively by the television show Entertainment Tonight.

Letourneau, 54, first met Fualaau when he was a student in her second-grade class at Shorewood Elementary School in the pleasant Seattle suburb of Burien, Washington.

In 1996, when Letourneau was 34 and Fualaau was 12, the pair began their torrid, star-crossed sexual relationship.

The cradle-robbing teacher was arrested in the spring of 1997 when police became aware of the tryst.

During her criminal trial, at which she ultimately pleaded guilty, Letourneau gave birth to the first of her two daughters with Fualaau.

Letourneau violated the terms of her very favorable plea agreement (six months in prison with three months suspended) by having additional contact with Fualaau. Specifically, in February 1998, just two weeks after she left her jail cell, police found Letourneau in flagrante delicto with Fualaau in a parked car. She had several thousand dollars in cash with her, along with a passport and some baby clothes, police said. Also, she was pregnant again.

For this violation of her plea agreement, Letourneau was sentenced to an additional prison sentence of almost eight years.

The disgraced teacher gave birth to her second child with Fualaau as an inmate at the Washington Correction Center for Women.

After her release from prison, Letourneau married Fualaau on May 20, 2005. At that time, she was 43 and he was 22.

Joe Schmitz, Trump’s new foreign policy adviser, and Letourneau are the son and daughter of the late John G. Schmitz, a Republican congressman and state politician from Orange County, California, whose career notoriously ended after he was revealed to have fathered two children in an extramarital affair with Carla Stuckle, an immigrant from Sweden.

John G. Schmitz’s affair was discovered when Stuckle showed up with his infant son, John George Stuckle, at an Orange County hospital in 1982 because the child had a piece of hair wrapped very tightly around his infant penis.

John Schmitz admitted to being the father of the boy — and another child he had already sired with Stuckle. News of the incident brought an end to Schmitz’s political career, but not his marriage.

John Schmitz was also the national director of the John Birch Society and, in 1972, he ran for the U.S. presidency under the banner of the American Independent Party. In 1968, noted racial segregationist George Wallace had been the American Independent Party candidate.

Joe Schmitz, the new member of Trump’s foreign policy team, was nominated by President George W. Bush’s as Defense Department Inspector General in 2001. For reasons that are unclear, the Senate waited nearly a year to confirm him.

He is a Naval Academy graduate.

Letourneau is still married to Fualaau. He’s a deejay who has, among other things, played music for “Hot for Teacher Night” promotions at a Seattle night club. He’s now 32 years old — only two years younger than Letourneau was when he and Letourneau first had sex.

The couple’s two children are now both teenagers.

Mary Kay Letourneau also has four children with her first husband, Steve Letourneau.

[dcquiz] Mary Kay Letourneau and Fualaau co-authored a 1999 book about their relationship. It was published in France under the title “Un Seul Crime, L’amour” (“Only One Crime, Love”). One satisfied four-star reviewer claims that readers will learn a lot, including that Letourneau used tampons to curl her hair as a prison inmate.

In January 2014, Letourneau’s penchant for misbehavior returned to the news when she was arrested in Seattle on a misdemeanor arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on a charge of driving without a license. (RELATED: Legendary Student-Banging Teacher Mary Kay Letourneau Has Been Arrested Again)

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