Axe Body Spray Evacuates Daycare Center As HAZMAT TEAM Springs Into Action

YouTube screenshot/Gregg Bishop, Getty Images/Stephen Chernin

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Upon receiving a 911 call, the Seattle Fire Department called in a hazmat team and evacuated a church and nearby daycare center on Friday because some especially suave male left a “suspicious item” in a bathroom. The item, a backpack, was emanating “cough-inducing fumes.”

A small armada of firetrucks arrived. Firefighters on the scene blocked off surrounding streets — the whole nine yards, reports Seattle media conglomerate KIRO. The fire department tweeted the event, urging caution by anyone nearby.

The hazmat team eventually discovered that the malignant vapors were flowing forth from a can of Axe body spray in the backpack.

The spray can full of the pungent — but affordable! — men’s fragrance product wasn’t working right, and was thus steadily emitting an overly bounteous bouquet of manly odor.

The Seattle kerfuffle concerning the powerful redolence of AXE body spray is not America’s first. In 2013, Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania asked students to stop using the product because one student had a severe allergic reaction and had to be rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. (RELATED: Pennsylvania high school asks students to lay off Axe Body Spray)

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