Law School Professors: Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Is WHITE SUPREMACY

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Almost 60 professor at American University’s Washington College of Law have signed an open letter to the law school community charging that the words “All Lives Matter” constitute white supremacy.

The professors composed the letter after an unidentified person at the Washington, D.C. law school placed a handwritten sign reading “All Lives Matter” on a faculty member’s office door,” reports Campus Reform.

“The ‘All Lives Matter’ sign might seem to be a benign message with no ill intent, but it has become a rallying cry for many who espouse ideas of white supremacy and overt racism, as well as those who do not believe the laws should equally protect those who have a different skin color or religion,” the nearly five dozen offended professors declared in their missive.

The person responsible for the handwritten “All Lives Matter” placard placed it near “a flyer for a training program on police violence” and “near flyers for other social justice and racial equality events,” the professors observed.

Such placement in assuredly an act of speech suppression, they proclaimed.

“In context, the message appears intended by the messenger to be an attempt to silence and intimidate an opposing viewpoint, not an effort to communicate a different perspective,” the non-silenced law professors wrote.

The professors’ letter then suggested ways they think people should censor themselves when discussing the value of human lives.

“There is value in simply asking someone, ‘If you feel comfortable, I would like to talk to you sometime about X. I have been reading a lot about the topic, and I am interested in hearing your perspective,'” the professors advised.

The American University law school professors do not appear to have asked the entire law school community if they “feel comfortable” discussing the offending placard before penning their open letter about it.

Among the people who have uttered “all lives matter” — a “rallying cry” for “white supremacy and overt racism” — are Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

In an actual “attempt to silence and intimidate an opposing viewpoint,” protesters from the #BlackLivesMatter movement shouted Sanders and O’Malley off stage for saying the phrase during at the 2015 Netroots Nation convention. (RELATED: Sanders And O’Malley Shouted Off Stage At Progressive Conference)

Hillary Clinton also faced criticism last year for suggesting that “all lives matter.” Clinton’s assertion that every human being is significant came during a civil rights discussion at Christ the King United Church of Christ, a predominantly black church in Florissant, Mo. — roughly one suburb over from Ferguson, where a white police officer shot and killed black teenager Michael Brown in 2014. The Democratic front-runner uttered the three hair-raising words as she said that everyone needs a “chance and a champion.” (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Got Thrashed For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’)

American University’s law school is ranked No. 78 among the law schools in the United States by U.S. News.

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