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Quote of the Day:

“Is this a bad day to admit that I’ve never seen ‘The American President’ or ‘The West Wing’??”

Nick Gass, Politico, in reference to GOP presidential Ted Cruz stealing a line from The American President on Wednesday to dismiss Donald Trump threatening to expose his wife’s mental breakdown.



HATE MAIL: HuffPost editor reacts to being called a douchebag 

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MSNBC host eats potato chips after a long day 

“Ended the day with some hotel room potato chips and a bottle of Carlsberg. Shutting it down for a few hours. May tomorrow bring less misery.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in Brussels.

A writer remembers Rob Ford

“The indescribable sadness of Rob Ford was a fact of life for everybody who lived there. The mayor of Toronto was an addict, and because his addiction had become a defining part of Toronto’s public life, we were all living with an addict. It was exhausting and exasperating and infuriating and often darkly comic, and Torontonians spent a lot of time acting like it was all somehow normal.” — Ivor Tossell, BuzzFeed contributor. Read the full story here.

Convo between two dorky reporters

Andrew Kaczynski (BuzzFeed): “Who buys a Playboy in the Barnes and Noble check out line?”

Brian Stelter (CNN): “Maybe Christie Teigen?”

Breitbart personalities get podcasts: ‘Strap yourselves in, darlings’ 

Sonnie Johnson said, “I made a resolution for 2016: stop bitching, moaning, and crying about Democrats, and actually build a cultural army to destroy them with intellect. That’s why I’m so excited about this opportunity with Breitbart and PodcastOne. Game on.” Milo Yiannopoulos added, “I couldn’t be more excited to enlarge the Milo Yiannopoulos empire with a weekly show from Breitbart and PodcastOne. Hundreds of thousands of bright young connoisseurs follow my columns and tweets, but until now they’ve been denied the pleasure of my dulcet tones Not anymore! Strap yourselves in, darlings.”

Journalist calls on reporters to not be objective about Trump’s sexism

“FYI: political reporters who ignore Trump’s blatant, unrepentant sexism for the sake of ‘objectivity’ are Part of The Problem.” — Emma Roller, who is covering the 2016 campaign for the NYT Opinion Campaign Stops blog.

Pundit gets compliment for her makeup 

“Nicolle Wallace’s makeup on FLEEK today. @Morning_Joe.” — Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry, speaking in slang. “On fleek” means: on point.


“Milwaukee airport PA system repeatedly asking for someone to ‘please come claim the large green plastic ball dropped in the terminal.'” — CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly.

Roland Martin: ‘My momma loved spam.’

“A banana sandwich with mayonnaise. Really? REALLY?! #RolandMartinShow.” — TV One’s Roland Martin, asking watchers to call in with examples of crappy food combinations their mothers made them eat growing up. Roland’s own example is spam: “My momma loved spam. Man, if she broke out a can of spam today I would run out the house screaming!”

Snoring cat spoons with reporter at night

“My kitty snores when she sleeps. It’s beyond irritating because she insists on spooning my head at night, but it’s always kinda comforting. I thought she deserved a good life while she was still here, so I brought her home with me. She’s the biggest love bug I’ve ever known. 6 months ago, I adopted a cat with a heart problem. They warned me she’d have a shorter life span then most cats. (She’s fine, just a story).” — Stephanie Haberman, a social media journalist who formerly worked for Sports Illustrated and NBC News.

Breitbart Texas editor is troubled by how shitty Twitter is 

“I keep muting Twitter accounts but the crazies just keep coming. Reminds me of a movie I saw about the Korean War. …I wish one of the candidates would promise to make Twitter great again or to build a wall between me and the haters.” — Breitbart‘s Brandon Darby.