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By The Way, North Korea Probably Has A Miniaturized Nuclear Warhead Now


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It’s been a crummy week, but let’s keep it in perspective: Things can always get worse. If World War III comes, we’ll be too busy crawling out of the wreckage to care about presidential candidates and their wives. Nuclear war with North Korea will make ISIS look like Vanilla Ice.

Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, CNN:

Some US intelligence analysts now believe that North Korea “probably” possesses a miniaturized nuclear warhead…

The assessment has yet to become a formal consensus view of the US government. But it reveals just how far along many in the US believe the reclusive country has come to gaining a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile that could potentially strike the US…

North Korean state media released photos Thursday of Kim inspecting a test of a new solid-fuel rocket engine, a key component of the KN-08 missile. The US officials have seen pictures and for now don’t have reason to doubt their authenticity.

All is forgiven, Seth Rogen.

In other fun Nork news, an American student was recently sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a propaganda banner. But according to HuffPo, that’s okay because the kid is white. How do you say “Check your privilege” in Korean?