Radio Host Thinks Trump ‘Could Use A Dose’ Of Sessions’ ‘Sense Of Honor’ [AUDIO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Morning in America,” conservative radio host Bill Bennett said that Republican front-runner Donald Trump “could use a dose” of the “manor” of Sen. [crscore]Jeff Sessions[/crscore].

Sessions, a guest that day, had just called Trump “a vehicle for change on some big policies that people are just not addressing.” He added that the platforms Trump is pushing are “in essence conservative approaches to life.”

Bennett agreed that Trump has raised some important issues, but he said, “It’s just, you know, some of the message gets lost here.”

“Right,” Sessions responded. “We need to move away from this personal attack and talk about these big issues, and it’s troubling, but the American people are going to have the final word. It’s not politicians like me or anyone else that is going to decide this election.”

“I’ll tell you,” Bennett chimed in. “I’ve offered to help on issues. I’ve offered to help on message — as I have with all the candidates.”

“No one would ever confuse Jeff Sessions for Donald Trump,” he added. “But I think your manor, your style, your sense of honor, well, they could use a dose of that.”

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