Watch Anti-Trump Protester Get Maced In The Face [VIDEO]

Trump Protester (Credit: SCreenshot/Youtube BaBa BlakSheep)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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A 15-year-old female protester was maced in the face after throwing a punch at a supporter of leading Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Tempers were high as the crowd shouted competing chants of “All Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter.”

The anti-Trump protester, who is also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, threw a punch at an unidentified man after claiming he groped her at an event in Janesville, Wisconsin. (SLIDESHOW: Here Are The White Nationalists And Black Athletes Who Support Donald Trump)

A different man in the crowd responded by pulling out some pepper spray and drilling her in the face with it.


Another angle:

Local NBC15 news reports the girl could face charges for throwing the punch.

A statement from the police says the authorities are looking for two men over the sexual assault allegations and the pepper spray. The girl does not appear to be groped at any point in either video despite her vocal accusations.

Police also claim multiple people were armed at the rally but they were “cooperative with law enforcement.”

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