Trump Spox: Cruz Will ‘Stop At Nothing To Slither His Way Into The White House’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump spokeswoman Healy Baumgardner says that [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] will “stop at nothing to slither his way into the White House and steal the nomination.”

In an interview on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper on Wednesday, Cruz’s campaign chairman Chad Sweet claimed that the senator was “excited” to campaign in New York while Baumgardner argued that “there could be nothing further from the truth.” (WATCH: Roger Stone: ‘Romney, Bush, Cruz’ Will Steal The Election From Trump)

Tapper asked Sweet if Cruz regretted his comment critical of “New York values” and Sweet replied, “Believe me, if you’re a conservative in that state or a Republican, you know exactly what Senator Cruz is talking about. It’s exactly what frankly Donald Trump said himself in an interview with Tim Russert when Tim was asking him about liberal things such as even partial birth abortion and he basically said, ‘Look, I do agree with abortion with no limitations, including partial birth abortion. Why? Because I live in Manhattan, I’ve grown up in New York, I have New York values.'” (WATCH: Trump Stuns Cruz Into Silence During ‘New York Values’ Fight)

“So it’s not hard to figure out. New Yorkers have suffered under liberal policies from Cuomo to Weiner, et cetera, all know exactly what the senator is talking about and are excited to have a candidate like Ted Cruz that can offer a much better solution than what the liberals have offered,” he concluded

Baumgardner, who is Trump’s senior press representative, replied, “I think ‘excited’ is a drastic word to say anything about Ted Cruz, especially him campaigning in New York. I think there could be nothing further from the truth.”

“I really equate him at this point to the allegory that Mr. Trump reads during some of his speeches, The Snake. Ted Cruz is a snake in the grass and will stop at nothing to slither his way into the White House and steal the nomination.”

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