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From the Prophet’s Tablet

(Wise — sometimes pretentious — words from the high minded.)

“If you make something a hassle, less people will do it. This is what the hassleocracy looks like.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.



Will he or won’t he? Politico‘s Florida Playbook editor Marc Caputo interviews Dave Aronberg, the prosecutor who’s still deciding whether he’ll prosecute Corey Lewandowski for touching former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a rally. The charge on the table is “simple battery.”

Want more on Lewandowski? The Daily Beast interviewed some ex-employees from Lewandowksi’s past and the picture isn’t pretty. The individuals worked under him at the Americans for Prosperity. In one instance, a named source said Lewandowksi grew irate when an employee went to be with his dying grandma. Another named source said he called her a “fucking bitch” and through 125 boxed lunches for volunteers into the garbage at an event in Akron. If you’re looking to hire Lewandowksi once he’s done with Donald Trump, do not read this story.

In Charlie Sheen’s hell…If you want a comprehensive look into the dark life of the actor, this is your story.

‘Kocktails with Khloe’ did not end smoothly after all. Gee what a surprise. The show was awful. And according to this story, the star “rubbed some staffers the wrong way.”

Guilt complex…a former reporter deeply regrets a tip about a priest’s sexual abuse that he never pursued. Naturally, watching “Spotlight” wasn’t easy. The tip came to him in the 70s when he worked at the Providence Journal. His editor threatened to fire him if he didn’t drop the story. You can guess what happened next. He writes, “Knowing that I probably wasn’t the only one who failed to follow up doesn’t make me feel even a teeny bit better.” Among the emotions he has felt — jealousy (over the Boston Globe breaking the big story) and shame (for not doing anything).