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CCW Weekend: Explaining The Campus Carry Phenomenon

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By Beth Baumann, Alien Gear Holsters

The issue of concealed carry on college campuses has become controversial. A large part of that controversy stems from more states loosening their permitting restrictions and allowing residents to carry without a CCW permit, the most recent state being Idaho. Because states like Idaho are allowing constitutional carry, one significant question arises: should guns be allowed on college campuses?

The majority of college campuses across the nation take a hardline stance on the issue, opposing firearms of any kind on their turf. Their argument?

“Guns will distract students from learning.”

“We strive to be a safe place for all.”

The arguments are all the same, yet they fail to take into account one major point: More likely than not, there are students who are conceal carrying in classrooms. No one knows about it. Probably because the point of concealed carrying is to be just that…concealed, with no one but the carrier knowing the firearm is there.

Creating “gun free zones” on college campuses creates a hot bed for potential crime. Criminals know that law-abiding citizens will be unarmed in those areas, making them highly sought after. Why would a criminal attempt to commit a crime in an area where gun owners are present?

A recent OpEd in Huffington Post, called “I’m Scared of Campus Carry,” talks about guns “fostering fear” when debating new ideas. The author suggests that a fear of being shot would keep students from participating in controversial discussions and heated debates. The one point she glazes over? College campuses are fostering a fear of guns. Instead of empowering people to defend themselves, administrators are instilling fear of firearms, and ultimately creating victims.

Think about the most recent gun-related tragedies on college campuses. The majority of those shootings happened in a “gun-free zone.” If law-abiding students were able to carry their firearm, there would have been a greater likelihood that those shootings could have been prevented. After all, only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.

Empty Holster Protest

This past week, Students for Concealed Carry hosted their annual empty holster protest, which challenges universities’ policies and/or state laws that disarm law-abiding citizens. Alien Gear Holsters decided to sponsor SCC’s protest by sending gun holsters to a handful of universities because the 2nd Amendment does not stop when you step on a college campus. Just like every other Constitutional right.

Having the ability to carry a firearm doesn’t distract students or create a hostile learning environment. If anything, law-abiding carriers create a safer space for people to learn. Women would feel safer on a college campus if they had the power – and ability – to lawfully carry a firearm for self-defense. Sexual assault stats on college campuses would fall if potential assailants knew there was a possibility that their victims may be carrying.

Beth Baumann is outreach specialist for Alien Gear Holsters, a concealed carry holsters company. She is also a contributor to PolitiChicks and TheBlaze. Click here to visit

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